Captive Resources LLC

About Captive Resources LLC

Our mission is to help companies control their insurance costs through the member-owned group captive model. Our industry-leading insurance professionals support every aspect of the group captives they advise, from claims advocacy to operational oversight, risk management, financial services, investment services and more.

Applying its time-tested and proven strategies, Captive Resources brings the highest quality insurance protection to each individual captive member, while increasing members' buying power, bringing greater stability and predictability to their insurance costs, and driving profitability to their bottom lines.

Over the past three decades, CRI has helped create more than 25 group captives with more than 2,500 member companies that serve businesses and organizations located across the United States. Today, CRI proudly administers five of the top 10 member-owned group captive insurance companies in the world. And it's no small task. The company oversees captives with combined premiums of $1 billion and assets in the billions.

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