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Amerilife is currently in search of individuals with a sales background. Amerilife, the nations largest privately held senior insurance agency, has been in business for over 30 years, employing thousands of agents across the southeast, and holding 25 offices in the snowbird state of Florida alone. We market and sell life, health, and variable annuity products, and if you possess a background in sales/marketing we feel that you have greater potential due to the applicability of your experience in our line of business. The first baby boomer will hit our market in 2012, and we expect business to triple in the years after. Now is the time we feel to acquire representatives to market and sell our products so that we can both reap the benefits of this growing, and soon booming industry. Amerilife is willing to give a helping hand in getting you licensed in the state of Florida, and also provide your marketing, advertising, and lead material that you will need to locate your prospects. It would be very hard to explain to all that we do in just a paragraph, so I encourage you to give me a call at 727-216-7015 at your leisure so that I can set up an interview for you to meet with one of our General Managers and have them give you a true testimonial of this business, and how it has provided a respectable lifestyle for each and every one of them. Thank you, Breece Lynn Amerilife Career Agencies We also have 16 offices spread through GA, VA, NC, SC, TX, and TN

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