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We know that businesses face a challenge in handling all of the paperwork and regulations involved in human resources -- as well as the challenge of offering competitive benefits with those of larger companies. Vision HR offers 'Total Human Resource Solutions' -- an opportunity to gain the services of off-site human resource specialists to not only attract top talent, but the means and methods to keep it.

Services - Among the services we offer are benefits administration, payroll, human resource management, retirement plans, staffing services and a single source for all your business insurance needs.

We at Vision HR present the opportunity for you to focus on your business, with the confidence that both your business' needs and your employees' needs are being handled by experts.

If you already out source payroll to one of the large, bureaucratic service firms, you owe it to yourself to give Vision HR a try. No auto attendant or long menus...real people answer the phone. And we pride ourselves on being very 'user friendly.' If you want high tech, we can offer electronic processing over secured internet or simply fax in hours, no problem. At Vision HR, you set the agenda.

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