Turns 15 Years Old Thanks to the Insurance Community

Whether you are new to (GIJ) or a longtime user of the website, it’s hard to believe we turned 15 years old on June 6, 2016.  When we first started in 2001, Shrek, Wikipedia and the iPod were also introduced and we know were all those things are today.

None of our success at GIJ would be possible without you.  We cannot thank you enough for not only using GIJ in your job search but all your fantastic feedback over the years.  Because of you we have invested in the top technology that allows you to search, apply and learn right from your cell phone.  What the future holds is anyone guess in the job board business but one thing is for sure; we will invest in it if it helps you identify career opportunities in the insurance industry more effectively.  If virtual reality is ever a great job search tool, we will be all over it!

“The average age of an insurance worker is 56 years old, and the new wave of hiring will be huge. We invest in mobile recruiting, social media analytics and employment branding to make sure the next generation of the industry can easily connect to each other,” says Scott Kotroba, President and Co-Founder of Kotroba cites the trust the company’s built since the advent of the internet, and says, “We hear success stories daily, from both the client side and the job seeker’s side, and we’re all very excited about the next 15 years!”

Want to meet some of the people who are part of the GIJ organization based out of Orlando, Florida?  We live streamed our 15 year celebration and you can meet many of the people that work behind the scenes. (Video Below)


GIJ Live Feed Video

Thanks again for being part of the journey.  We are very excited about the future.  For more on our 15 year anniversary please visit  


Scott Kotroba 

Co-Founder Scott Kotroba in 2001 in our very first office in Winter Park, Florida

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