Don't Want To Get That Insurance Job? Here Are 10 Ways You Screw Up The Interview!

This month, we continue the theme and examine ten things that you do in interviews that may cost you a shot at getting the job. In a competitive job market, you have no room to make mistakes.

Interviewing is not easy for many because you over think the process and get tremendous anxiety before the interview even starts. The interview is the final audition. It is where your paper resume comes to life. You must communicate your desire to work at that company while showcasing your skill sets, professional personality and fit. If you are well prepared, you should have some great success. However, many of you make mistakes in the things that actually have nothing to do with the technical side of the interview. 

So, if you don't want to get hired, follow these mistakes many make during the actual interview process: 

1. Bad dress. (Check the company's website and social media to find picture of employees and what they are wearing. Dress one step above what you find for the interview.)

2. Arrive late to interview. (Do a practice run, at the same time of day, to the interview site days before you interview.)

3. No research of the company. (You should be able to answer the question, "tell me what you know about XYZ Company?")

4. Bad handshake. (Sounds silly right? I have interviewed thousands of people over the years. If the interview starts with a weak handshake, I get very concerned. Fish hands are weird too!)

5. Talk negatively about past employers or people you have worked with. (Why do so many fall into this trap? No matter how bad the last situation was, keep it positive. This is especially true for the long-term unemployed already at wits end. It is so hard to be positive when your world feels like it is crumbling. A good interview is your way to a better life!)

6. Interrupting the interviewer. (Bite your tongue. You will have plenty of time to talk.)

7. Leaving your cell phone on. (Leave it in the car... period.)

8. Lies. (Don't cover gaps in employment... they will find out. During the interview is a chance to explain the gap, not cover it up.)

9. Horrible body language. (A lot of people make the mistake of getting to comfortable or staying to stiff during an interview. Many shake legs and tap fingers. All body movement will be interpreted and will count against you if you come off disengaged, uncomfortable or disinterested.)

10. Don't send a thank-you note. (In the high technology world we live in today, a hand-written thank you card to the interviewer right after the interview - via mail - is a great touch. Just say thank you and that you are very interested in the position in this card.) 

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